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About Financing

Hiring a real estate attorney as early in the selling process as possible will help you avoid later problems.

Real Estate Lawyer Pinni Bohm, Esq. will negotiate with the bank's attorney to attain optimal wording for your mortgage contract. He will then patiently explain it to you in plain english, ensuring you understand it. With Pinni Bohm, Esq., you will not need to worry about hidden problems, as he will ensure they are properly disclosed to you beforehand.


Pinni Bohm, Esq. also possesses an LL.M. in Taxation from #1 ranked NYU Law School, so he can plan the transaction in interesting ways to perhaps save you taxes.

Pinni Bohm, Esq. will also be there with you at the closing of the transaction to ensure no bottlenecks develop.


Financing center

Will you sign a loan agreement with tough language?

Every bank has its financing center where it tries to strongarm consumers into signing agreements that are not beneficial to them. Ensure you have an attorney behind you to prevent this.

Pinni Bohm will gladly help you fight back, if you let him. Contact him now at 212 -920 - 5224.

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Did you know?

When you incur a home loan, the bank demands a security interest on your home, which is called a mortgage. Depending upon the language of the loan agreement, if you fail to make payments on time or default on the loan, the bank may foreclose on the house in an attempt to recoup its money.